Vol 4, No 4 (2019)


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A method development for improving the stability of vegetable polyphenol complexes for semi-finished minced meat products with antioxidant effect PDF (Eng)
A. V. Gerasimov, B. A. Bazhenova, S. D. Zhamsaranova, Yu. Yu. Zabalueva, N. D. Zambulaeva, A. D. Burkhanova 4-11
Biologically active peptides of meat and meat product proteins: a review. Part 1. General information about biologically active peptides of meat and meat products PDF (Eng)
I. M. Chernukha, N. G. Mashentseva, D. A. Afanasev, N. L. Vostrikova 12-16
Products of chemical reactions that occur during high-temperature heat treatment of the meat products PDF (Eng)
D. A. Utyanov, A. V. Kulikovskii, N. L. Vostrikova, O. A. Kuznetsova 17-22
Detection of soybean by real-time PCR in the samples subjected to deep technological processing PDF (Eng)
K. A. Kurbakov, E. A. Konorov, V. N. Zhulinkova, M. Yu. Minaev 23-27
Thawing process calculation of egg ingredients particles in minced meat PDF (Eng)
V. P. Agafonychev, V. N. Makhonina 28-32

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