Theory and practice of meat processing

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  • Aliaksei V. Meliashchenia - Candidate of economical sciences, Director, Institute of Meat and Dairy Industry of the Republican Unitary Enterprise  “The Scientific-practical Center of the Natinonal Academy of Sciences of Belarus for food”, Minsk, The Republic of Belarus

  • Sergey A. Miroshhikov - doctor of biological sciences, professor,  corresponding member of RAS, Director, Federal Research Centre of Biological Systems and Agrotechnologies RAS, Orenburg, Russia (РИНЦ) (Scopus) (ReseacherID) (ORCID)

  • Liubov V. Rimareva - Doctor of technical sciences, professor, Academician of RAS, Leading scientific worker, All- Russian Scientific Research Institute of Food Biotechnology – branch Federal Research Centre of nutrition, biotechnology and food safety, Moscow, Russia  (РИНЦ) (Scopus) (ResearcherID) (ORCID)

  • Andrey I. Rud - Doctor of agricultural sciences, Chief research  worker of the  Department of Genetics, biotechnology and technology in pig, L.K. Ernst Federal Science Center for Animal Husbandry,  Podolsk, Russia (РИНЦ) (ReseacherID) (ORCID)

  • Anastasiya A. Semenova - Doctor of technical sciences, professor,  Deputy Director, V.M. Gorbatov Federal Research  Center for Food Systems of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia (РИНЦ) (ResearcherID) (Scopus) (ORCID)

  • Roman A. Khanferyan - Doctor of medical sciences, Professor, Department of Immunology and Allergology, Medical Institute, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow,  Russia (РИНЦ) (Scopus) (ORCID)