Theory and practice of meat processing

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Meat consumption: theory, practice and future prospects

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This research reviewed human meat consumption and highlighted associated history, challenges and benefits. Selected literature for the manuscript was from relevant titles and reliable international sources. From early times of the mankind meat consumption and animal husbandry were inseparable parts of living, and with similar consequences as dramatic influence on environment. Human need for meat consumption fueled development of large world markets with incredible trade, processing and consumption. This overconsumption has caused health problems associated with high intake of cholesterol and sodium chloride. Another problem with meat consumption is the use of additives in processed products. In modern time these problems are tackled by the use of additives from plants that have health benefits. Thermal processing is yet another problem with meat consumption that food industry and science addresses by non-thermal replacements (e. g. high-pressure processing and electrotechnologies). Recently, interesting alternatives for meat processing included 3D Printing that is able to engineer admirable meat products from by-products. However, this technology might need to employ enzymes such as transglutaminase, associated with potential health problems and misleading the customers. Unfortunately, fraudulent activities are common for meat products and it would be prudent to organize enforcement centers with at least police and analysts skilled in chemometrics and various laboratory techniques for food defense. It seems as humankind expands it will seek more proteins from plant, insects, unicellular biomass, and synthetic meat than from the animal origin, however all of the alternatives must be carefully evaluated against consumer acceptance, public health and environmental concerns.

About the Authors

P. Putnik
University North

Predrag Putnik, Ph.D., professor, senior research associate, researcher, Department of Food Technology

Trg dr. Žarka Dolinara 1, Koprivnica, Croatia

D. B. Kovačević
Food technology and Biotechnology University in Zagreb

Danijela Bursać Kovačević, Ph.D., professor, scientific advisor, researcher Department of Food Engineering

Pierottijeva 6, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia




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Putnik P., Kovačević D.B. Meat consumption: theory, practice and future prospects. Theory and practice of meat processing. 2021;6(4):335-342.

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