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Highly sensitive and specific method for identification of pathogenic prion protein was developed. It was found that the water-soluble fractions of beef proteins and plasma proteins of farm animals are normal prion proteins in cattle. Aligning gene sequences of pathogenic and normal prion protein of sheep (Ovis aries) revealed that the nucleotide sequences of PrPc and PrPsc are identical. Murine monoclonal antibody 15B3 was selected. Synthetic sequence of 194 bps was randomly produced (DNA-tail). The produced sequence and the database sequences have no homologues. Two primer of
20 bps were selected for synthesized DNA-tail. The experimental data indicate that by using AGTCAGTCCTTGGCCTCCTT (left) and CAGTTTCGATCCTCCTCCAG (right) primers the amplification should be performed as follows: pre-denaturation, 95 °C, 60 seconds, 1 cycle; denaturation, 95 °C, 30 seconds, 30 cycles; annealing, 56 °C, 60 seconds, 30 cycles; elongation, 72 °C, 30 seconds, 30 cycles, additional elongation, 1 cycle, 600 seconds. The optimum concentration of reaction mixture components for PCR was established. High specificity of the developed test system and oligonucleotide primers was confirmed by electrophoretic separation of ground beef samples containing  pathogenic prion protein, as well as by comparative analysis of the results of pathogenic prion protein determination. These results were obtained using PCR test system and TeSeE™ ELISA system.

About the Authors

A. Y. Prosekov
Kemerovo Technological Institute of Food Industry (University), Kemerovo, Russia
Russian Federation
Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Professor

O. V. Kriger
Kemerovo Technological Institute of Food Industry (University), Kemerovo, Russia
Russian Federation
Ph.D., Associate Professor


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Prosekov A.Y., Kriger O.V. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CONTROL METHOD PATHOGENIC PRION INFECTIONS SECONDARY RAW MEAT INDUSTRY. Theory and practice of meat processing. 2016;1(3):14-20. (In Russ.)

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