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The effect of herbal supplements on development of internal organs and chemical composition of broilers muscles

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The present article presents data on effectiveness of adding a phytobiotic feed additive into the diet of broiler chickens, either additionally or replacing the feed antibiotic in the chicken fodder. It has been established that the introduction of a phytobiotic feed additive into the broilers’ diet, both additionally and by replacing the feed antibiotic, provided positive effect on poultry meat quality and gave no negative effect on development of internal organs. By the end of fattening the relative weight of heart, lungs, kidneys, gizzard and intestines in broilers, which consumed the antibiotics-free diet with addition of researched preparation, was higher than in the control group and in the 1st experimental group. At the same time the length of the intestine in researched group significantly exceeded the control group parameters. These changes ranged within the physiological norm, which may indicate the best detoxification capabilities of the chicken body and the activation of enhanced intestinal absorption function. Additional use of the experimental feed additive in formulation of feed for broiler chickens was accompanied by a decrease in total amount of amino acids in broilers’ pectoral and leg muscles within acceptable physiological limits. At the same time, a significant decrease, compared with the control parameters, was noted in relation to content of histidine and isoleucine in pectoral muscles, and content of proline in leg muscles. The use of the researched additive as a substitute for a feed antibiotic in composition of mixed feed for broilers decreased the total amount of amino acids in broilers’ breast muscle, compared with the control group, and increased level of amino acids in leg muscles. The significant decrease in content of histidine and arginine in the pectoral muscles and proline in the leg muscles was noted. The observed changes varied within acceptable physiological norm. In the experimental groups the energy value of meat was increased.

About the Authors

A. I. Nufer
Ural State Agrarian University
Russian Federation

Alena I. Nufer —  Postgraduate student, Department of Zooengineering

42, Karl Liebknecht str., 620075, Yekaterinburg

Tel.: +7–922–146–00–04

E. V. Shatskikh
Ural State Agrarian University
Russian Federation

Elena V. Shatskikh —  Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Zooengineering

42, Karl Liebknecht str., 620075, Yekaterinburg

Tel.: +7–922–107–67–92


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Nufer A.I., Shatskikh E.V. The effect of herbal supplements on development of internal organs and chemical composition of broilers muscles. Theory and practice of meat processing. 2021;6(2):141-150.

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